Why WE Exist

As our nation descends into a climate of polarization and partisanship, we fear that our college campuses will not remain insulated from these dangerous currents.

As students, we have witnessed ourselves isolate into islands of peers that think like us, and believe the same things as us. We retreat into spaces that affirm us, rather than challenge us. We yearn to validate preconceptions, rather than discover the truth.

That's human instinct - we want to belong. But human progress often demands that we defy instinct. It demands that we choose to be challenged through diverse ideas and solutions that are rooted in the idea of our nation.

We must harness diversity as a tool in perfecting our Union. Through creating shared campus spaces by and for the students dedicated to the inclusion of diverse thoughts, identities, and experiences, we can fulfill the promise of our democracy.

Power of WE is designed to reimagine how we interact with difference, but it is also imaginatively designed. Combining compelling branding and groundbreaking programming, it seeks to inspire a campus to reimagine diversity as a tool, not a token; as a skill set, not a buzzword; as actively exchanging different ideas, not simply celebrating different identities.


Power of We seeks to inspire a campus culture of innovation and collaboration by challenging echo chambers, building shared spaces, and bridging civic divides.


Power of WE aspires to be a pioneer in a national discourse across university campuses. Through interactive programming that convenes diverse members of the campus community, Power of WE aims to build student capacity to engage across different perspectives, exchange contrasting ideas, and embrace shared experiences, in an effort to prepare citizen leaders poised to tackle the challenges of a complex, polarized world.

At Power of We, we affirm the dignity of all people who enter our spaces. We ask that you enter our spaces with respect for all those who share it. Together, we strive towards mutual understanding and open discourse across our differences.