Campus Instigation

Public spaces are innately shared spaces. They are places where individuals from all walks of life cross paths - literally. Our campus instigations tap into this overlooked venue for organic engagement across differences.

Picnic and Perspective

Attachment 39-small.jpgAs the sun set on Landis Green, student passersbies were invited to grab a warm beverage and engage in conversations they otherwise would not have had with people otherwise would not have met.

Big Kids. Big Questions.

Attachment 40-small.jpgWe asked students to immerse themselves into a ball pit…and into deep conversation with strangers. One can be surprised at the truths waiting to be discovered right outside our comfort zone.

Chalkboard Conversations

Attachment 41_0.pngThe cathartic act of putting our thoughts into writing can bring us together in unprecedented ways. Giant chalkboards, prompting questions, and the busiest area of campus make for riveting conversations.