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Power Of We

Redefining Diversity & Inclusion at Florida State

Inside of Dodd Hall

The Context

In an increasingly interconnected world, cultivating diversity and building inclusion is critical for campus communities. Engagement across differences lead to positive outcomes for everyone. It elevates understanding of inequality, promotes sense of belonging, improves one’s ability to lead diverse groups, and enhances intellectual aptitude.

For these outcomes to become reality a comprehensive framework for engagement is required. It demands piloting innovative avenues that build student capacity so that diversity is not a mere buzzword. It is a way of life that leads to excellence. But to use our differences to make a difference, we have to reimagine existing paradigms.

A visible investment must be made to convene an entire campus on a quest: to collectively define why diversity matters and to collectively create spaces for catalyzing our differences into action.

The Power of We Campaign is the first step on this journey ahead.